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Jerry Cereda
Marie S. Bulgin

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Owners, Jerry Cereda and Marie Bulgin, have been in business for over 20 years. Marie has practiced veterinary medicine for 40 years. She worked for the University of Idaho as their small ruminant specialist and taught sheep medicine for the last 33 years. She developed Cergin Livestock's unique flock health and nutritional program.

Cergin Livestock
Company Goals
OUR MANAGEMENT Products and Services Available

Cergin Livestock Company is located 4 miles east of Marsing, Idaho, overlooking the Snake River. We raise purebred Suffolk sheep, purebred Rideau Arcott sheep and market lambs from our flock of commercial cross. We also sell Deccox, Merrick's Super Lamb Instant Milk Replacer, Special Feed Pellet and Trace Mineral Salt products.

Purebred Suffolk Ewe Lamb Purebred Suffolk Ram Lamb
A group of 8 month old ewe lambs.
A pair of 3 month old ram lambs.

Our Suffolk sheep flock has been enrolled in the VSCF Program for 15 years and has been certified free of scrapie for 9 years. The purebred Suffolk sheep flock is genotyped and all of the sires are codon 171 RR genetics.

We believe Suffolk sheep should be meat animals, not race horses and have bred them accordingly, selecting heavily for twinning, milking, weight gain, good feet, legs and survivability. For example, our Suffolks average greater than 190% live lamb crop and twin buck lambs average around 1.0 lb/day gain. We consistently top the Idaho Wool Growers Ram Sale with our Suffolk ram lambs.

Rideau Arcotts, a medium sized sheep, were developed at Agriculture Canada-Ottawa Research Station as a ewe breed. They breed out of season, have multiple lambs and milk well. They were developed from the Shropshire, East Friesian, Finnish Landrace, Dorset and Suffolk breeds. Ours generally have a 240% lamb crop.

Arcott ewe lambs with buck
Rideau Arcott 9 mo old ewe lambs with Arcott buck
A mature Rideau Arcott ewe. Research has shown that udder size is an indicator of milk production. This is a typical udder on our Rideau Arcott ewes

Cergin Livestock Company's 300 to 400 head commercial sheep flock is mostly made up of offspring of Arcotts and Arcotts/East Friesan crossed ewes and a Suffolk ram. (No, the crossbred sheep were not a mistake or the result of rams getting in with the wrong group of ewes.)

The Arcott and Arcott/Friesian ewes crossed with Suffolk rams yield medium-sized, brown faced lambs that are very vigorous at birth and tend to gain better than the pure Arcott lambs. The cross ewes consistently twin and triplet, milk very well and raise their triplets. They help us achieve a lambing rate over 200%.

When the Arcott/Suffolk or Arcott/Friesian/Suffolk ewe crosses are bred back to Suffolk rams, resultant F2 lambs are black faced, fast growing, great market lambs.

A typical udder on our Rideau Arcott

A typical cross-bred brown faced ewe lamb
A typical cross-bred brown faced ewe lamb

Cergin Livestock Company's entire flock is closed;
only herd sires have been introduced over the last 20
years. Our Sheep are free of Johne's disease, foot rot, spider disease, epididymitis and OPP.


We identify and weigh our lambs within 5 days of life and keep excellent records. We vaccinate our lambs routinely with Clostrial vaccine (one containing Clostridium sordellii ), and our ewes are additionally vaccinated against Campylobacter (abortion) and Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis (abscesses).

We designed our own trace mineral salt specifically for our sheep and have it manufactured and packaged in 50 lb bags. This mix is ideal for our sheep and sheep in our arid mountain region. It has no added copper, 90 ppm of selenium, Vitamin E to boost immunity, zinc to enhance fertility and hoof health, iodine, cobalt and other necessary minerals. We do make this salt available to other sheep producers.

We mix Deccox® into our trace mineral salt and feed this mixture free choice before and after lambing to ewes and lambs to control Coccidia. This procedure nicely controls the ubiquitous intestinal parasite which, even if not causing diarrhea, does reduce weight gains. If you would like to try this management tool, contact Marie mbulgindvm@gmail.com.

We feed our lambs a pellet we developed for maximum weight gain, feed efficiency and health and is fed with good quality alfalfa hay or pasture. It contains ingredients for the control of some common feeding problems i.e. urolithiasis (bladder stones), acidosis (grain over-load), bloat, and polio. This is provided free choice to market and ram lambs until they are sold and ewe lambs up to 6 month of age when they are taken off the pellet and left on pasture.

Cergin's Suffolk yearling ewes on irrigated pasture
A group of Cergin's yearling ewes on irrigated pasture

Cergin Livestock Company Goals:

  • Good Gains
  • Good Legs and Feet
  • Good Muscle
  • Multiple Lambs
  • Longevity
  • Survivability

If you have the same goals, come visit us. I think you will like what you see!

Products and Services Available

  • Suffolk ram and ewe lambs are available from late spring through fall However, bred ewes or ewe lambs are only available after October. If desired, ewes can be guaranteed pregnant by ultrasound.

  • If you are interested in Rideau Arcott ram lambs, please contact us in January or February as we only save as many ram lambs as we know we have homes for.

  • Locker lambs, 80 lbs and up, are available beginning the end of April. We do allow lambs to be slaughtered on the premises or they can be hauled to the local slaughter houses for processing. Frozen lamb is also occasionally available. Shipping can be arranged.

  • If you are interested in trace mineral salt, our special pellet, small bags of Deccox call or e-mail Marie or order them via PayPal below.

    Deccox - 2 Lb Bag
    $25.00 each + S&H

    Trace Mineral Salt - 50 Lb Bag
    $13.00 each + S&H

    Special Feed Pellet - 50 Lb Bag
    $15.00 each + S&H

    Merrick's Super Lamb® Instant Milk Replacer - 25-lb. Bag
    $49.99 each + S&H

    Phone \ e-mail Orders If you prefer, you may contact us by phone or e-mail us for prices and freight charges, then send in your check or money order. Money orders will be processed when received. Check orders will be processed when your check clears the bank in ten days. Your order can be picked up or arrangements for delivery may be made if within 50 miles of Caldwell, Idaho.

    Send Orders to:
    Cergin Livestock Company
    17750 Locust Ln
    Caldwell, ID 83605
    Ph. 208-459-2991
    E-mail: mbulgindvm@gmail.com

  • For more information on our vaccination and lambing management, you are welcome to contact Marie.

  • Consulting Services: Disease Diagnosis, Flock Health Management, Production Enhancement. This will generally involve a farm call, records evaluation and could possibly include some diagnostic testing.
Call Marie at 208-459-2991
E-mail: mbulgindvm@gmail.com

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